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Our Services

Our teams of qualified and efficient workers, led by owner-managers, service a broad area that includes Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, Knightdale and surrounding areas, Morrisville, Durham and Apex (full-service pest, termite, mosquito control). With timely calls that accommodate your schedule, we eliminate:

We also offer moisture control services, perform pretreatments for new homes and conduct closing inspections and issue NCWDI-100 Reports for real estate.

After we determine the reason for your infestation, we develop a safe, effective strategy to eliminate all pests and avoid further infestations. Our solutions are more affordable than other companies in the industry, because we make a point to provide only the services you really need. This results in lower costs and the usage of less pesticide in your environment.

Pest Control Services

Our Apex pest and termite control services are aimed at keeping your home free of ants, termites, spiders and mosquitoes, in particular. While these pests are the main nuisances from the insect world, the processes we use also help to keep your premises clear of fleas, ticks, moths and cockroaches. We also provide rodent exterminator services to discourage rats, house mice and other common creatures from taking up residence.

On your request, we will call and inspect the property to identify the pests that are present in your home, and we’ll provide you with a cost estimate and a date for performing the treatment. Your pets can remain in the home during treatments, and you should start to see significant results within 72 hours.


Our Apex pest and termite control pretreatment services are available to around 150 builders and construction firms in the Triangle, too. This ensures that if you purchase a newly built home, you’ll take occupation of a pest-free environment right from the start.

Similarly, if you’re moving into an existing property and see any signs that there may be unwanted guests in residence, we’ll be more than happy to examine the premises and provide you with our findings at no-cost and estimate for spraying.

Real Estate Closing Inspections

Real estate sales transactions vary across the state, but the majority of transfers that occur in North Carolina include home inspections that occur once agreement is reached by all parties. These inspections are usually paid for by the buyer, although in some instances this is negotiable.

The inspections include basic home examinations, a wood-destroying organism inspection and NC WDI-100 Report, and it’s important to complete these before finalizing the transaction.

Moisture Control

Once moisture makes its presence felt in your home, it can become a real problem. Moisture results in problems such as:

  • Damage to your home’s flooring surfaces, resulting in buckling or warping
  • Opportunity for mosquitoes to multiply
  • Growth of unhealthy spores leading to mildew and fungi in parts of the home
  • Reduced quality and circulation of the air in the home
  • Increase in dust and allergens in the atmosphere
  • Higher risk of termite infestation

Our Apex pest and termite control teams are experienced at inspecting your crawl space or attic for the presence of moisture, identifying the causes and implementing recommendations for controlling the atmosphere in the home.

These recommendations could include the use of automatic vents, dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, installation of French drains and sump pumps, and disinfecting of the crawl space area to kill dangerous bacteria.

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