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Raleigh Pest Control Professionals

Servicing the Triangle and surrounding areas since 1993

Our competent teams of pest control professionals, led by owner-managers, have been building personal relationships with clients for more than 25 years. By servicing the Triangle and surrounding areas since 1993, we have become affectionately known as the guys in the blue trucks, we are easily recognized throughout the Raleigh/Durham and Triangle surrounding areas. Our team is well-known for its dedication and commitment to ensuring a pest-free environment for all our clients with a minimal impact on the environment.

Whether you need eradication of termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants, spiders or any other household pests, our Raleigh pest control teams are available to do an inspection of your home, provide you with a no-cost estimate and recommendations, and perform the work you need to ensure pest and moisture control in your home.

We use products that are completely safe for your family and pets, and our aim is to deliver quality protection at a lower cost and with less use of chemicals. Don’t get hung up on high pest/termite/mosquito control prices and high-pressure sales pitches like some of our competitors. Get the personal service you need to ensure your home is free from infestations, healthy for your loved ones and a sound financial investment. Call Pest & Termite Consultants to schedule an inspection and obtain an estimate today.

Why Choose Pest & Termite Consultants?

  • We have been servicing the Triangle and surrounding areas since 1993.
  • We offer more affordable solutions, performing only the services you need.
  • We provide complete protection with fewer service calls and smaller quantities of pesticide.
  • We deliver timely service, aimed at accommodating your scheduling needs.
  • We treat new homes in the Triangle area of North Carolina for many custom and track home builders.
  • We provide damage guarantees on most termite contracts.
  • We are a member of the Home Builders Association.
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