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Raleigh Bed Bug Exterminators

When it comes to household pests, bed bugs are perhaps some of the most persistent and irritating pests that a homeowner can deal with. Getting rid of them can be a real challenge for consumers and detecting them, especially early on, can be extremely challenging as well.

Thankfully, there are signs that can help you identify an infestation. Some of the most common signs include:

  1. If you or your family members have been waking up with itchy, round red bites, it may be the result of bed bugs.
  2. Oftentimes, a large infestation can give off a musty smell, as cockroaches sometimes do.
  3. Small “shells” or shed skin of molting bed bugs on your sheets or mattress is another reliable sign.
  4. Regular red patches on your skin arising overnight. Not everyone reacts to the bites in the same way. Some people will be itchy when you might not be.
  5. Bed bugs can often infest areas and items in the home that you may not expect including books, electronics, picture frames, dressers and nightstands. By using our independent K9 scent detection team, we can easily identify bed bug nesting areas while the issue is still new allowing us to know exactly where the problem areas are. This ensures that you’re only having to treat the area or areas with an actual bed bug issue.

If you’ve experienced any of these signs and symptoms in your home, it may be time to call in the professionals. The extermination process can be time consuming, but it’s well worth it to have a house that is free of bed bugs once again.

The Sleep Well Advantage

At Pest and Termite Consultants, it’s more than just about getting rid of your bed bugs. It’s about helping your family by providing peace of mind, education, and offering the longest whole house, no haggle warranty in the industry. We call it “The Sleep Well Advantage”, and we are proud to offer this service statewide in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

What is The Sleep Well Advantage?

The Sleep Well Advantage, offered exclusively by the exterminators you’ve come to trust at Pest & Termite Consultants, is our all-inclusive bed bug thermal remediation service. From start to finish, we’re with you all the way… and it comes with the industry’s longest and most comprehensive warranty. We’ll warranty the entire home under any circumstance for a period of 9 months for your added peace of mind.

How it Works

We base the quote for treatment off of the independent K9 report. We heat and chemically treat the room or unit in question and we also do preventative chemical treatments throughout all the other rooms in the home at no additional charge. We will then warranty the entire home for a period of 9 months. For commercial customers, we warranty the unit or units heated for a period of 9 months. We also offer free educational seminars for your staff and tenants. The only way to cut the risk of infestations and bad reviews is to be educated on what to look for and find it before your customers do.

What is a K9 Scent Detection Team for Bed Bug Extermination?

We use the state’s leading independent K9 scent detection teams to pinpoint areas of infestation that might otherwise go undetected until the problem gets worse, and therefore harder to treat. Our teams use multiple K9s independently during each inspection to provide us with the most thorough and accurate inspection of your home or business.  This is what allows us to offer the warranty that we do.

Why Choose Thermal Remediation for Bed Bug Treatment?

Thermal remediation, otherwise known as heat treatments, is by far the most effective way to eliminate bed bugs. Because bed bugs infest so many areas and household items, thermal remediation allows us to heat and penetrate the walls, baseboards, outlets, furniture, books and electronics. This allows us to ensure that your home is bedbug free. We’ll also warranty your entire home for a period of 9 months.

Our Warranty for Bed Bug Extermination

At Pest and Termite Consultants, we believe in putting our money where our mouth is. We offer the industry’s longest whole house, no haggle warranty. WE WARRANTY ALL THE ROOMS IN YOUR HOME FOR A PERIOD OF 9 MONTHS FROM THE ORIGINAL TREATMENT DATE. If there are any recurrences of bedbugs within the structure during the warranty period, we will retreat those areas at no cost to you.

Customer Testimonial

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mike & Nick for over 5 years battling a bed bug infestation at a 60-unit senior apartment community.  When I met them, we had 40 out of 60 apartments with infestation and needed a plan to address the immediate issue and prevent further infestation.  Through a series of monthly inspections combined with heat treatments and resident education we were able to reduce the number of apartments to 15 – 20 in less than 6 months.  At that time we added a K9 inspection, sweeping the entire building quarterly and identifying any problem areas.  For the past 2 years we have been successful in eradicating the infestation and have a bed bug free property! Mike and Nick are an invaluable asset and much of the success of our approach can be attributed to their commitment to work with our residents, assist them in preparing for the treatments and providing education in one-on-one and group sessions. The warranty provided is exceptional. We have only had to rely on it a few times, but when we did it was quick, effective and no questions asked – it was all covered!  I recommend these guys without any reservation for any size residential or commercial treatments.”

Meet Mike and Nick, the Best Raleigh Bed Bug Exterminators!

Welcome to the most dedicated team in the industry. Mike and Nick have over 20 years of combined experience. Mike conducts educational seminars for multiple police departments, fire departments, assisted living centers, property management companies, colleges and health and human service centers. Nick has been doing thermal remediation treatments for the past 8 years.

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