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6 Things Every Family Should Know About Bed Bugs

6 Things Every Family Should Know About Bed Bugs

How many times did you hear the old phrase, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite?” As a child, the phrase seemed innocuous. In recent years, this has completely changed. Today, bed bugs could very well be a reality. Think you can’t get bed bugs? Think again.
Knowledge is power, and this applies to your approach to pest control too. Bed bugs could be lurking in your home, but would you know how to spot them? Would you be aware that they could be hiding in your house even if you aren’t being bitten? This guide will help you learn a few things about bed bugs, the often invisible creatures that feast on human blood in the night.
They Typically Require Chemical Treatment to Remove
While you can clean a lot of the areas in your home to remove dead bed bugs and remove potential homes, the truth is that bed bugs don’t really go away on their own. Pest control experts understand how to use chemicals that kill bed bugs but are safe for use in sleeping areas, like your bedroom, where these insects love to infiltrate. Unfortunately, bed bugs have become immune to many pesticides over the years, making them increasingly difficult to tackle. But rest assured, with our state of the art thermal remediation system, the bed bugs don’t stand a chance and we’ll warranty your entire home to prove it.
They Are Found Everywhere
You may feel embarrassed or ashamed to discover you have bed bugs in your home, but a bed bug infestation has no bearing on your own hygiene or the type of house you keep. This is why bed bugs are such hardy and enduring species. They can live nearly anywhere, including places you might frequent outside the home. In fact, bed bugs have affected many big name stores in New York, including Nike and Bloomingdale’s.
They May Leave Tell-tale Bloodstains
Your family may have no idea that bed bugs are taunting them until they turn on the lights and see blood stains on the sheets in the morning. These blood stains could be the result of a crushed bed bug, but they may also be the result of the bug’s excretions, which happen soon after feeding. If you are one of those who does not actually feel the bug bite, these stains may be the key to spotting the bugs before they worsen.
They Don’t Just Bite at Night
Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs may come out during the daylight hours to feast on your blood. If the bed bug is hungry, it will come out for a snack. You do not have to be snug in your bed for the bugs to come out.
They Can Bite You Without You Feeling It
Bed bugs are masters of their art, biting without even allowing you to feel it. Bed bug bites do not require medical treatment but they can still be uncomfortable. Some people use steroid cream to prevent and stop itching at the site of the bite, but this does not necessarily hasten the healing process. A cool compress can also ease pain, and bathing with oatmeal is a common home remedy.
They Like to Play Hide and Seek
This is why it is nearly impossible to eliminate the threat of bed bugs without professional treatment of your home and belongings. Bed bugs can be invisible to the untrained eye, especially because many people don’t even know where to look.
Think you have a bed bug infestation? It may be time to call for help. An exterminator can help you deal with a bed bug infestation right away. You do not have to contend with critters in your house when you have so many pest control options. Contact Pest & Termite Consultants, Inc. for help ridding your home of these tricky pests.
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